Saturday, June 3, 2017

settling into summer

We're settling into our summer routine around here. Durango's arthritis prevents us from venturing too far--short walks in the park, tennis ball games in the yard. None the less, he's happy, enjoying every day, and that's what counts.

I've been restoring my grandparents' shortwave radio. I even came across the original receipt for the radio and an old photo of said radio in my grandparents' living room. (That's my mom in the photo!)

A few facts I learned while researching the radio. It's the Philco 42-380X 1942 model but it came out in June of 1941. There were 103,225 made. It had eight tubes (all still there) and received AM, police, and shortwave. Can you imagine gathering around the radio to listen to the news of WW2?

We're still working on the guts of this beast. When Mr Sage plugged it in all the lights lit up and we could hear faint background noise but then something started smoking like crazy. Turns out it was the transformer. I'm guessing it overheated back in the day and that's what led to the warping of the bakelite faceplate. I did find a guy who makes replacement vintage radio faceplates but we still need to locate another transformer.

Once I had the radio cabinet finished and speaker installed, the project was not complete without Nipper and his gramophone on display. They're little salt and pepper shakers that belonged to my grandmother. Nipper reminds me of Lucky....'s not nearly as hot as it was this time last year. That means I'm in a better mood. ;)

How's your summer coming along?