Monday, April 24, 2017

the handsomest little man in the world

Our sweet, handsome, forever pup. 
I brought you home twelve years ago today.
We love you, big buddy.

An update: since we saw the vet and put our guy on 150 mg of Rimadyl every day, Durango has improved with each week that goes by. He also gets monthly Adequan (glucosamine) shots and BACON on shot day!
He's excited to walk and he does well on his walks. He plays ball in the yard every night. He's happy. It's changed his life and we could not have hoped for more.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

holy coyote


I traveled the snowy roads. I walked through the silent pinon and cedar forest, smelled the sage on the canyon rim.
As I approached the mesa, snow turned to rain. I stood on the rippled sandstone, hearing nothing but the rain and the water flowing from pool to pool and eventually to the small wash below the sandstone.


As I turned to leave, Coyote Spirit rose from the mist, his bones scattered on the wet ground. He beckoned me closer and offered me a small vertebra, bits of flesh still clinging to the bone.
I whispered that I had nothing to give him and he said my presence was enough.
It's all right.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

three dogs, two people, one mesa

Yes, that IS an ornament. I found it in an old Navajo sheep camp!

My first watercolor. Please be kind. :)

I don't want to go home!
We almost didn't go. We almost let our fears over Durango's ability to do/not do anything strenous stop us.
But we knew, we knew, if the dogs aren't happy, nobody's happy. 
And with that in mind, we spent a glorious five days on the mesa.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lucky's big adventure

This was Lucky's stomach after she got into the dog food bin and ate her body weight in chow.

This was her stomach later that night, after the nice vet at the all-night emergency clinic induced vomiting and Lucky threw up a mountain of said chow.

Lesson learned? We certainly hope so.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

What the heart wants.

Under strict warning from the vet to limit Durango's activity and NO wild rabbit chasing, we headed up to the mesa to deal with our new way of life. Mr Sage and I fussed and worried, (Is he warm enough? Is he cool enough? How do his back legs look? Did Lucky steal his rawhide?), and Durango had the time of his life. 
He adapted to the short on-leash walks about the mesa with no problem at all. He laid on a soft blanket and chewed rawhides. He smiled and enjoyed begging at every picnic.
All in all, Durango fared much better that we could have hoped for. He even managed to wring every last scrap of sympathy from us during his short, on-leash hikes....not that we minded spoiling him every minute. 

He's quite a guy, our big, black, Durangobear.

Durango has accepted his limitations with such.....dignity and.....grace. He struggles but never complains. He seems happy, content.

We hold our breath, waiting, wondering when change will come and what it will bring.

But for today, the Sage clan gives you....the mesa.

 The perfect spot for a picnic.

 Rawhide time.

 Durango and Pinto help with metal detecting.

 Favorite place number 2.

Lots of petroglyphs.
 Part of an exposed prehistoric wall. Always an exciting find!
 These are tool-sharpening marks made when the ancient souls created petroglyphs.

 Lost on the mesa....spring 2014. Found....two weeks ago!