Tuesday, October 25, 2016

sage clan unplugged

Sometimes, the Sage clan just has to unplug.

So we unplugged, literally, and went to our mesa.

There was no cell phone reception. (I love that.) There was no wifi. There was nothing there but what was meant to be there.  

Never mind that Lucky went into full-blown heat two days before we left. Never mind that there was a fire on my mountain. Never mind that my new Merrell Siren Sport hiking shoes blew out after just fourteen days, or that my water bottle opened inside my backpack, and my pack was filled with water.

We explored a new dirt road and a new corner of the mesa. We found pieces of the mesa's history. We watched the sun go down and the stars come out. And we became a part of that mesa....till nothing else mattered but sky and stardust and sand and sage.

I am having a hard time plugging back in. While I try to figure it out, I give you....the mesa.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


This past summer kicked my ass. The sun was brutal. The heat was relentless. It wore me down, freaked me out, and left me exhausted from doing literally.....nothing.

It was the summer of epic veterinary bills. Thankfully it was nothing tragic, just puppy stuff and senior dog maintenance. Expensive, these dogs, but worth every penny.

It was the summer the yard turned to sand. What little grass that remained became infested with grubworms. Even the artemesia bush, the one I cut the tip of my finger off while pruning, died and I dug the remains of the poor thing out of the ground today.

It was the summer we could not find a house in our corner of Colorado.

But today....today the temps barely reached 75 degrees. The light was thinner, paler, and the leaves have just begun to turn color.

There is hope.

We hope for rain. We hope for snow. By next summer we hope to have the permanent getaway house in Colorado.

Tonight, as the sun went down, there were the tiniest wisps of clouds on the western horizon.