Friday, May 13, 2016

even chairs have feelings

 This chair belonged to my grandparents. It sat in their attic for a long time. Before that, it sat in their cabin in northern Wisconsin. It also sat in my living room, just like this, for a while. I could not bear to part with the memories.
My grandfather. The chair. 1959.
 We never used the poor thing so I decided to give the chair a new lease on life.
 Scary 80 year old cushions!
 The bare bones....and this chair has amazing bones.
Wax. Buff. Repeat.
 New cushions.
Updated. Pinto approved. The chair is feeling pretty awesome now!
I like to think my grandfather would approve too.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

gettin' lucky

Thirty miles from town and another handful of miles down wild pony road, we were hoping to see some of the wild horses we've come to know. There were no horses to be found but Mr Sage saw a coyote. It paced back and forth, came closer to the road, and stalked something in the arroyo.

It was then that we saw the small, spotted dog in the arroyo. Mr Sage jumped out of the truck and held the coyote at bay. I called the dog to me and it came, shyly and slowly....yet willingly, it came closer.

It was then that we discovered it was....holy heck....a puppy! A dirty little puppy, covered with ticks.  We put the poor thing in the truck and talked about taking her to the shelter in the small Colorado town where we were staying. We had saved her from a certain death, either by coyote or starvation. The shelter would clean her up and adopt her out. She would have a chance at a good life with a family that loved her.

But by the time we turned onto the paved road, we had fallen in love. That night I pulled ticks from her little body, (Mr Sage stopped counting at 100 ticks), and she had her first bath. The little sweetheart cleaned up well. She fell asleep on a towel under the nightstand.

We knew how things happened out there in the badlands. She wasn't our first rez dog.

I wonder if it was meant to be....that we would find a puppy on a desolate dirt road on the Navajo reservation, thirty miles from town, on a cold and windy day. But that's how it happened, and that's how we got Lucky.