Thursday, June 11, 2015

june, june

June has been hot and strangely humid for New Mexico. It's also been cloudy and we've even had a little rain!! I love the humidity....I can breathe again! The lawn is green! I can smell the grass when I cut it!

June has been difficult. I was determined to paint the bedroom myself and somewhere between moving furniture and rolling the ceiling, I pinched a nerve in my neck and it isn't healing as quickly as I thought it would.

And June has been full of hope. We've found a handful of houses to look at in Colorado. We may be a little premature in looking at houses "up north" but maybe we'll find the one we can't live without. It would sure beat staying in hotels during the colder months!

But mostly, June has been dog days, dreaming days, all the days flowing together into a new way of thinking, a new outlook on our lives. And it's good.

How has June been treating you?

Monday, June 1, 2015

utah, I love you

Yes, I do.

Well, I could have done without the rattlesnake....
but he reminded me it's a wild and unpredictable place I love.