Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I've always loved winter. The silence, the softness. The days between Christmas and the New Year, when everything is still and dark, as if waiting for the signal to emerge with new hopes and dreams.

Snow fell in New Mexico over the weekend. The ones in the know said to stay off the roads. There was wind and ice and we in the desert are not equipped to deal with the winter conditions.

I stood outside last night in the cold and dark of winter. And for the first time, I heard no traffic. No racing cars. No horns. Nothing. It was peaceful in the city.

I love to hold this stillness as long as I can, to gather its knowledge and its strength before I venture into the new year.

What preparations do you make? What dreams do you have?

Do you stand outside, in the stillness of night, and feel the snow on your face?