Tuesday, October 27, 2015

me and moose

This is my golden oak forest....guarded by deer and wild turkeys and home to the carved aspen memorial to Moose. This is the place where the path winds through the forest till it meets the rocky soul of the mountain.

This is the path I walk.

The deeper into the heart of the forest I wander, the closer I get to the trees and the farther I get from that outer me, that me that everyone sees.
The path into the woods makes me think about life.
I think about everything I've left behind and everything I've gained in the process of letting go.
I think about Moose....how someone lovingly carved their grief into the bark of an aspen after the dog was buried among the roots of the tree. I believe Moose had a good life.
And I think about the house we cannot seem to find up here and how a dear friend told me "don't push the river" but all I want to do is jump in and swim until I find that perfect house, that piece of land that speaks to me.

Yet, as I stand among the trees, surrounded by stained glass aspen and oaklight, I know that on this day, at this moment, it is exactly where I should be.

Friday, October 9, 2015

one more day

It's what I always say. Just one more day.
One more day to wander, to lose myself, to believe I will always return.
One more day to spend on the back of the glorious earth, its mesas and canyons spread before me like secrets only I know.

Tomorrow they're predicting rain but I'll spend that last day out here anyway.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

harvesting the gold

Oh, these Autumn days! These short, sweet, golden days.

I just have to travel to the high mesa to bask in the afterglow of a too-hot summer. The mornings are cooler, the heat builds more slowly in the afternoon. Up here, I am surrounded by the small fire-colors of early fall.

I walk along the rim of the mesa, wander into the forest, and stop to search in the bark of the trees and amidst the fallen needles. As I find and harvest the golden gift, my fingers become sticky with pinon resin. The warm, sweet aroma of the high desert lingers on my skin for days.

And the light.....
The light shatters into diamonds as it fills the forest.

May you all walk in the beauty of the season.