Friday, April 24, 2015

happy anniversary, my forever pup

My little man and best boyfriend.
My husband's best buddy.
Pinto's brother bear.

I brought that handsome little guy home ten years ago today. My sister and I saw him at a pet adopt-a-thon and I could not resist. Luckily, my husband fell in love immediately upon seeing that adorable pup and named him Durango.
It's been ten years of countless adventures, chasing rabbits, and catching balls with the eternal puppy. He's a good boy, our Durangobear.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

today is earth day

Speak to me, as I stand on the edge of your earth. Share your secrets with me. Teach me to listen and to learn. Keep me wild.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

light, life, and love

Wild and wonderful, filled with beauty and light and love. We're always on the edge of discovery....the next mesa, the lonely dirt road, the cave in the canyon. It keeps us going, living each day to the fullest and dreaming the dreams of the backcountry explorer at night.
Even the dogs twitch their legs in their sleep, dreaming of the rabbits they chase through the sage.

Life is full these days, barely time to tend to the day to day back home before we're off on another adventure in the higher, wilder country. We're blown like dust devils, this little family of mine, across the high sagebrush flats, across the mesatops and into the canyon bottoms, stopping wherever our hearts desire.
This is the life I love and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

my desert

They say the drought in the southwest is as bad as the one experienced 1200 years ago....the drought that drove the prehistoric people from the area, the drought that left reminders in tree rings studied by the experts.
The seasons do change, but the change is subtle, quiet, and tenuous. The days warm too quickly. The storms clouds no longer build on the horizon. The snow doesn't come as often as it used to and when it does, it never lasts long. Instead, the wind blows and the sky fills with dust.
We still wander the high desert, watching the changes in vegetation, (the tumbleweeds are taking over), and wondering what our mesa will look like in ten years, twenty years, from now.
Will the summer monsoons come? Or will the lightning strike, burning the dry pinon and sage?
(Many years ago, I stood on my mesa and watched a tree burst into flames, a single tree, hit by a single bolt of lightning.)

Or will the rain fall, turning the high desert green, if only for a season.

"years ago I came to you as a stranger
and have never been worthy
to be called your lover or to speak your name
most silent sanctuary
more fragile than forests
more beautiful than water
I am older and uglier
and full of the knowledge
that I do not belong to beauty
and beauty does not belong to me
I have learned to accept
whatever men choose to give me
or whatever they choose to withhold
but oh my desert
yours is the only death I cannot bear" -- Richard Shelton

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

the wind and the wild

I crossed back into Colorado, swept along by 40 mph winds and stinging dust. The light was surreal and the road into the hills beckoned me. Would the horses be there today? Would they brave the dust storm and welcome me back to the country I love?

The answer was yes. The horses stood on the sandy ground, surrounded by bits of green. Their tails and manes blew in the wild wind. They pranced and whispered to the winds. Their hearts, (and mine), were one with the distant mesas and the high, dusty skies.

Oh, to be in such company, to be free, to be home once again.

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