Saturday, September 20, 2014

what will you do

 Stand at the edge of the world.
 Hold something delicate in your hand.
 Climb higher.
Travel new roads.
Experience the beauty of Nature.
Shine after the rain.
 Wake with the sun.
 Explore new horizons.
 Find peace.
Stand your ground.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? -- Mary Oliver


  1. One of your best posts ever Julie. Heartfelt and beautifully illustrated.
    l'll be here cheering you on. Thanks for the inspiration, l'm sitting here thinking my how l want to live my one wild and precious life.......


    1. Thank you, my dearest sister from down under. This post came together on it's own as I looked over the photos from the time I spent in Colorado and Utah earlier this month. Life is so precious, so beautiful, so wild. I don't want to waste a single day of it. xx

  2. agreed: one of the best posts, ever.

    life IS so precious….i feel it….so palpable, the sweetness and goodness….

    much love to you….

    1. I know you feel it, the beauty, the sweetness, even the sadness. Thank for for your words, your love, through this journey. xx

  3. I shall try to do the same, sister of the sage.