Friday, March 28, 2014

hogback watch

I've been on hogback watch for years now,  documenting the decay of this old trading  post. These photos are from my recent drive past on the way to Colorado.
Someday it will  crumble but I will remember how I always drove by this little piece of  history and wondered what it was like back in the day.


  1. I sure do love that 'navajo blanket and jewelry' painting on the wall. I'd hate to see that go!
    The feel of these images, it is quiet. Just a warm rustle of breeze, and maybe a quick lizard in the grass.
    Lovely memories of forgotten times. xxx

    1. Paintings like that are national treasures and it's so sad to see it crumble apart. I figure the best I can do is photograph it, preserving it "on film" so to say.

      And yes, it was a warm and peaceful day back by the trading post. A lizard or two, alot of dusty old memories, and me with my camera. :)

  2. I know that painting from one of your beautiful cards. I can't part with it.
    Places like that are one of my simultaneously favorite, and most heartbreaking things about the South West.

    1. This old trading post has become part of my heart and soul. I watch it slowly return to the earth and I am thankful for the opportunity to photograph this magnificent piece of the wild west.

      Good to see you here and I'm loving your new blog. xx