Friday, January 3, 2014

just like peas and carrots


Usually it's morning when we hike/run the dogs/watch while Pinto tries to collect the names of all the rabbits on the mesa. But on this day, just to be different, we went out to the west mesa in the afternoon.

Sunlight flooded the mesa at an angle that happens only this time of year. Warm, low light. The kind of light that leaves me god-awesome struck with the power of nature. I do believe the cacti glowed in this light. I know the desert grasses sang out as I walked by.

The husband was the recipient of a gift....two pieces of prehistoric pottery....which took only nine years for our highly trained eyes to find. (It ain't Colorado, but then we're not comparing....)

Despite our grumbling and discontent, the mesa's been surprisingly good to us.

We're just like peas and carrots out here.


  1. So glad that you have somewhere closer to home where you can get your wild fix :)
    I love that first image so much. That one and a similar one from last week (?) are my favourites. Love how nature can construct a perfect circle like that.

    1. It'll do until we get back to Colorado. ;)
      I agree about the desert grass. There's something about the way it forms a circle that challenges the macro lover in me!

  2. These photos are just incredible!! What a treasure your husband found!! Oh my goodness!!! I get a giddy feeling when the light is perfect for outdoor photos!!! : )

    1. I'm the same way! When everything comes together and the light is just right, I can spend the whole day taking pictures!
      The potshards...we were pretty excited. Found one more yesterday morning! I love knowing there were people here so long ago....