Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Inspired by Chrisy, at living a good north coast life, I decided to choose a word to go forward with into 2014. But I have questions. I have doubts and fears.

Do I have the inner strength to make the best of what I have while moving toward my goals?
To see beyond the present and trust in my own strengths?
To trust in the universe?
To be patient?

Is there a balance to be found between the mountains, the mesas, the storms and sunsets, and the return to the big city? Is there balance between the silence, the solitude, the contemplation of nature and the traffic, noise and pollution of that big city? Is the balance within myself, the ability to exist in both worlds?
It isn't easy.

In the end, the word chose me, and that word is Balance.

My goal for 2014....balance.

What are your goals, your resolutions?


  1. :) All of my words have chosen me, rather than the other way around. I think that adds to the experience immensely.
    This is my third year of choosing a word for the year, and something l have learnt is to trust the process. How you think your word might play out during the year, or how you think it might manifest itself.....isn't always how it happens.
    Balance is great word, and could be taken in many different directions. It will be really interesting to watch your journey with it this year.
    I'm so happy that l've inspired you to give this a go. I hope it is as useful for you, as it has been for me.

    1. I am beginning to think many things in life choose us. I didn't know I would come to southern Colorado and love it. I didn't ask for it. I accept it.
      Balance.....between the place I am and the place I love. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out this year.
      Thank you for following on this journey with me. Your presence has meant a lot to me.

  2. For me, resolutions are too demanding. But a word? Yeah, I think choosing a word is a swell idea.
    A word I could think about, look forward to, lean on.
    Your word, Balance, suits you. I think it's shouting at you! What a simple reminder, especially knowing your situation and how you've been struggling with unrest.
    It will be interesting to see how YingYang is working for my spirited sage sister.
    Meanwhile, my own word will have to choose me too. I hope it's a good one. ;)
    Happy new year Jules!

    1. Yes, sister, resolutions are demanding, overwhelming, and too strong of a commitment. I like to have room to change course if need be. ;)
      I thought about Yin/yang as I wrote this post....about how there MUST be a reason I am here now. If that reason was to meet all of you and share my journey, it has been worthwhile.
      The word that chooses you will be a good one, full of sunshine and raven feathers. Happy new year and may you wander in wonderful places! xx

  3. Balance is a word so many of us can relate to. I chose a word last year and hadn't thought about it yet for this year until I just read your post. The word "release" popped into my head immediately so I guess I'm gonna go with it. : ) Don't you just love the clean slate that comes with New Year's Day?? Have a beautiful first day of 2014!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Release is a great word! I love the power and hope that it brings! Same as the "clean slate" of the new year....anything can happen! Have a beautiful day, a beautiful year, and thank you for being a part of this blogging adventure! xx

  4. Julie what a great word to focus on, lean on and learn from. A particular word has not yet touched me but I am taking that leap out and have signed up for Ali Edward's One Little Word workshop/program. This will be the first time I have participated in the online course or any online course. I have watched with great "ah" the participants who's blogs I read as they work with their Word. You asked if there can be balance between the mountains, the mesa, the storms etc - good question. My mind says yes of course, but my heart is not answering so quickly. I look forward to seeing, reading about what you learn about balance this year.

    1. Oh, I hope to do a lot of learning and growing with my word! Finding balance will be an adventure in itself, I think.
      Good luck with the Ali Edwards workshop, I 've also heard great things about it. Should be fun!
      It's going to be an interesting year....so glad you are here to share it with! xo

  5. My word this year is Self. I'm working on my self inside and out, physically and mentally. I'm glad I have a year. I'm kind of excited to see how I turn out!

    1. That's a great word! Now that you mention it, I'm glad I have a whole year to work on my word too. Best of luck on your journey and with your word!

  6. Oh there are so many. I'm still sorting through them. It's gonna be a crazy year I fear/hope/feel. Happy New Year, dear heart!

    1. Joyfear, my dear. This is going to be a great year for you!