Thursday, November 7, 2013

the country life



Yes, when I win the lottery, I'm moving to rural Colorado.
A funky farm community.
Dry land beans.
Mountain view.
A long dirt road.
And an old pickup truck.
That's the life for me.


  1. Ha! Is that an old boxcar in the first picture? Trains...sigh...
    Old trucks, and beans and antiques, a two horse town, not much happenin', and always a dirt road.
    At the end of that road sits a lovely rustic cabin, south facing, with a mountain view.
    And inside, I see someone who looks exactly like you!

    1. Hey prairiegirl! Yes, that is an old boxcar. In fact, it was once a convenience store.
      There's something about these places....they do make me start dreaming....

  2. Is that a deserted town? Are there many of them in Colorado?
    I don’t know much about Colorado, other than it’s a state in the USA. Just did a quick google search and learnt that it contains most of the Southern Rocky Mountains, and is noted for ‘its vivid landscape of mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and desert lands’.
    Ok now l’m beginning to see why you like it so much! Forgive me, just joining the dots down here in Australia. :) 

    1. I would call it a semi-ghost town. There's about 25 or so permanent residents plus the families that live out on the ranches. There are no services to speak of, just good old rural living.
      Yes, there are actually quite a few of these towns all over the west. The economy, especially since the loss of oil and gas, has been terrible on these towns.
      On the other hand, Colorado is a beautiful state....close enough for us to spend time there but completely different from New Mexico.