Tuesday, November 5, 2013

just another day in Colorado

He's soooo handsome.

He's sooo handsome too. 


The day after the day before. A few days after the storm. I walked, thinking if I walked long enough I would shake off the sadness that descended upon me and would not let go. I had hoped to be washed clean by the storm, but instead that epic weather left me cold and scared, wondering what I would do without this place.

Since I had no answer, I walked. I took pictures. I found joy in the tiniest things, the rays of the sun, the mesa I've come to believe is my home. I watched the dogs enjoy the freedom of this wide open land. I realized that these days are golden, and I knew each moment happens only once. I watched autumn come to my mesa, the light softer, the angle of the sun lower. The smell of sage a little stronger.

The clouds began to clear from my head, the sadness lifted. I began to walk with purpose, renewed by this place, this magical place. While it's inevitable I leave, I always return, and always will return.

As I walked, I knew, deep in my heart, I wouldn't trade these moments for anything in the world.