Tuesday, November 12, 2013

fall....the way it should be

There's something magical about the combination of a mountain, slanting sunshine, and aspen leaves. Add some bone-chilling cold and roaring wind and it's a perfect late fall day on the mountain.

It makes me feel ALIVE.

It makes me feel that things are CHANGING.

Postscript: Since my kind of autumn doesn't really come to New Mexico, my husband promised to take me to some old fashioned in-your-face autumn. Five hours later and thirty degrees colder, we were there.

He did a great job.  :)


  1. He did do a good job :)
    It's been amazing to watch your fall progress. Through everyone's blogs and photos, l can really get a sense of what it's like during fall in North America. So totally different here in the sub-tropics, where it's green, green, green..... and wait....more green :)

    1. There is so much to learn about other countries and that's the great thing about blogging and sharing photos. Our fall is amazing, but the sub-tropics has to be a little like paradise! Glad I got to know you and learn so much about Australia. xx

    2. Likewise Julie...to think before l started visiting your blog l didn't even know what a mesa was !!

  2. Well bless his heart. He just loves to see that smile light up on his baby's face. C'mon honey, lets go check out some Colorado quakies!!
    I love to see aspen leaves shimmer in all their gold on the trees, but this year at Red Feather, we missed it somehow. One day they were green, the next time we visited, they were on the ground covered in snow!
    Seasons change and we do too, if we allow the good things in. I feel your aliveness, friend!!!

    1. Red Feather is up by Fort Collins, right? They did get an early snowfall.....something I would give ANYTHING for in Albuquerque. Falling snow is so peaceful.....

      Yes, the seasons are changing, and I do love it. Glad I am able to share a little of it with you, sister!

    2. Yep. Red Feather is where our trailer sits. (What we call The Silver Moonbeam) ;)
      Just northwest of Ft. C. 10 miles N. of Rocky Mountain National Park. From our land, we can see RMNP snow covered peaks! You should come up there next summer.

    3. Wow, you have that little Moonbean tucked into the best place!
      RMNP is awesome....we stayed near there a while back, in a cabin in Estes Park. I never wanted to leave.
      You've got me thinking....a trip up that way may be what I need next summer! xx