Saturday, October 5, 2013

shooting into the sun


One of my favorite places, high on the mesa, overlooking the world. I wander with my camera and wait for the sun to set. It's silent, massively silent, and in that silence I wonder why this place found me. Did its silence speak to me, call to me, tell me which rocky road would bring me here?
As I walk along the rim, the canyons, the mountain, the plants and the last rays of sun are with me, always with me. I become one with this place, and both the mesa and I know there will never be another. This is my blood, painting the rocks in the setting sun. This is my soul, knowing the peace that surrounds me here. This is my spirit, always returning.
Forgive me for shooting into the sun. Neither words nor pictures capture this place. So much like my spirit, it cannot be captured.


6-Oct-13 09:21
sage and spirit
Thanks! One would never believe they could fall in love with a particular place so much. But it happened and I am thankful for every day I spend there.
5-Oct-13 21:53
Oh Julie.....WOW. The photos, your words, your connection to this landscape is just beautiful.

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