Thursday, October 31, 2013

mountain goodness


A little mountain goodness before the season changes and I wander back down to my mesa. 
I've had a good summer and fall, and together with my mountain we dream of the low autumn sun warming the air, shake off the knowledge that winter is coming, and the hope we will be together just a little longer. I can't bring myself to say goodbye for the winter, but I fear the leaves will be off the trees and the ground frozen before I get these photos up. I will miss these magical days once the winds come and the snow flies.

Be well, and fill your soul with these last wonderful days of autumn.


  1. Gosh l love visiting your blog Julie. It's a joy to seeing the different plants, animals and landscapes. It's joy to see how much you love this country too :)

  2. Your photos are amazing. Trying as you suggested to enjoy the last shakes of Autumn, in spite of the heavy rains and high winds, leaves on the ground to shuffle through. I chuckled seeing the photo of the wild turkey trot ... about 10 years ago in our region of Ontario, the federal government re-introduced wild turkeys. Hunting is allowed only for a brief time and with only bow & arrow. The Christmas tree growers have not welcomed the wild turkeys as they eat the tender new growth on the evergreens. We also get deer, white tailed deer, such beautiful tender creatures, but their numbers are fewer and fewer because of the urban sprawl and over abundance of coyotes.

    1. We humans are most definitely outnumbered by the deer and wild turkeys on the mountain. I am always amazed to see them, so peaceful and curious about the strangers on their mountain.
      Ontario also sounds like a great place, full of nature and wildlife. Enjoy your day, and enjoy the last of fall!

  3. Ah yes, you'll bid farewell to your mountain and trees and the chill in the air, breathe it all in and exhale it all on your Mesa.
    Can you not escape to some NM canyon arroyo nearby, scamper around and soak up the suns rays. Maybe you'll find a roadrunner, hear a coyote and pet a lizard! Hey Julie! Can you tell I love the desert and everything it entails?
    Blissful day to you, mountain lover. x

    1. Hey there, Prairiegirl!
      new Mexico, that's a tough one for me. I DO NOT like New Mexico. I try, believe me, I do try. On the other hand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the higher desert/canyon country of Colorado and Utah. It's the subtle differences, you know.
      But for the time being, I live in New Mexico, for better of worse. Just for you, I will pet a lizard.
      Thanks for making me smile. Sending you a little southwest sunshine, woman. xx