Thursday, October 10, 2013


When I was young, I dreamed of an old, abandoned house. I stood in an upstairs room with peeling wallpaper. Sunlight came through the window and made a long patch on the faded hardwood floor. I loved the feeling of stillness, of emptiness.
Every time I find an abandoned house, I remember the house in my dream. I am drawn to these houses, searching for something that remains a ghost to me. I stand in the doorway and imagine I hear the sounds of life from long ago. I listen as the house tells me of its proud past, of people who loved the house and took care of it. I see it in its glory, furniture in the rooms, curtains in the windows, a meal cooking in the kitchen. I feel the sadness as the people left and the house decayed.
I want to move into each and every one, restore them and remain faithful to the memory of the house. Fill them with cast iron pans, rag rugs, and lace curtains. Put a rocking chair on the front porch. Plant a garden.

How I love to dream.


15-Oct-13 11:52
sage and spirit
Kerry, thanks for the amazing words and for finding your way here. It's very humbling to hear such praise! This's my soul. my life. Glad to share the photos with someone who feels the same.
14-Oct-13 22:27
Woman on Wild Mountain
O, I am so glad I found my way here (via Lynn/Prairie Girl). Lovely, vibrant photos capturing a landscape I love SO much. That dirt and that sky. Wowza!

I am glad to meet you.

11-Oct-13 18:20
sage and spirit
Thanks for the comments, Mary-Lou. My husband probably thinks I am nuts too, but there is something about these old houses. They speak to us. We are the lucky ones who hear what they have to say! (Yeah, I sound kind of crazy....)
11-Oct-13 14:45
Beautiful photos. I feel that way about abandoned houses also. I use to think they felt shame in their collapse, but I have had some re-thinking about that. I think lonely, but also proud of what what shelter they gave. I want to go in and love them back to their glory days, I think they are alive with memories. My husband thinks I am nuts when I talk about houses this way ;)
11-Oct-13 08:03
sage and spirit
The sky, the country, it hardly seems real at times. I am humbled to walk in these places. And thank you for all the positive comments and encouragement as I find my way with this blog.
11-Oct-13 05:38
Gee wiz Julie, those photos are just amazing. I mean the homestead is really cool and interesting, but that sky ....'s remarkable. The blue is so piercing. Lovely stuff.

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