Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday photo....going down the road

17-Oct-13 08:44
sage and spirit
Thanks, Sofia! It's a beautiful place to walk and explore.
17-Oct-13 07:24
Sofia's Ideas
What a gorgeous place for a walk. Beautifully captured!

And I know I'm visiting a bit late again this week - we were marching against monsanto over the weekend. Nevertheless, here was my craving being satisfied...
12-Oct-13 18:28
sage and spirit
Glad you are enjoying the view from your armchair as much as I enjoy taking the photos! It's a great trip! xx
12-Oct-13 14:59
I really have been enjoying your photographs Julie. It's like travelling from my arm chair. :)
11-Oct-13 18:24
sage and spirit
Kim, big thanks and have a great weekend too!
11-Oct-13 18:23
sage and spirit
1000 Hours Outside, (love that name) , thank you!
11-Oct-13 18:22
sage and spirit
Mountain Girl....this is actually Colorado! Thanks for dropping by!
Wow, that is a stunning shot. Enjoy your weekend.
11-Oct-13 16:54
1000 Hours Outside
Those are some awesome clouds!! Here’s Ours:
11-Oct-13 15:49
mountain girl
Beautiful! Where in the world is this? Looks something like Kansas...
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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