Monday, October 14, 2013

bringer of storms

I've spent NINE LONG YEARS in New Mexico. Heat. Overwhelming, excruciating Heat. Heat with no relief. Practically no rain. Definitely no hope. During that time, I cried out for change. I prayed for change. I begged the gods for change. Nothing happened, so I stopped. Instead, I convinced my husband to take a trip to a place I once loved. Turns out he remembered that he loved it there too. The trips became more numerous and often extended. We were happy again.
One day, when I wasn't looking....for that place to move, that perfect town, that different life....things changed. I began to worry a little less about being HERE because I can always go THERE.
And going THERE is what we do.
We escape to the Colorado backcountry.
Every chance we get.
We have arrived.
Bring on the storm.

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