Tuesday, September 10, 2013

lizards in the wines glass

Once upon a time, I found a rusty old bucket on our favorite mesa. When I left the mesa, I hung the bucket on a branch of my favorite tree. Years later, my husband and I returned to the mesa with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. When we left, we put the wine glasses in the bucket, knowing we would always return to the mesa.
We do return to the mesa, and the rusty old bucket with the wine glasses are still there, waiting for us. But this time there is something more waiting for us. Inside one of the wine glasses are two magical lizards, frozen in time. I imagine these lizards, playing on the rim of the bucket, exploring the glasses, and tumbling to the bottom of one of them. A potentially sad ending for the tiny lizards, but their magic transcends their untimely death, as they will come to live forever in our minds.
We drink to the small lizards in the wine glass. (Yes, I wash the glasses before we drink.)
The rusty old bucket and the wine glasses wait for our return to the mesa. The lizards come home with me.
They watch over us now, perched on a collection of rocks and bones we gather on our walks on the mesa.

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