Monday, August 26, 2013

the confession

We are not from New Mexico. In fact, we don't particularly like it here. We feel the undercurrent of dissatisfaction creeping up on us again....brought on by the big city, the noise, the crime. The suffocating heat and the relentless sun. The stark, dry, unforgiving land around us, broken only by the all too infrequent rains that cause massive flooding and often destruction.
We are heading north shortly, (as we do whenever the need overtakes us), for an extended period of time. Time for solitude, interaction with nature, communion with the mesas and canyons and mountains we love. These are the adventures that feed our souls, that make us believe there IS a better place that the one we currently live in.
We may reside in New Mexico, but our hearts are in those wild places to the north, the places haunted by the spirits, the places that have stolen our souls.


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