Friday, February 10, 2017

arthritis, antlers, and termites. oh my!

Oh, Durango. Our black bear has quite a case of arthritis in his back legs/hind end and it seems there's nothing we can do to slow it down.
We bought him a fancy memory foam bed. I make him bone broth. He's on Cosequin and Rimadyl and he gets a shot of Adequan every 21 days.

But nothing helps him get better.

He stays the same, unless we reduce the Rimadyl. It was initially prescribed to be given "as needed" but the "as needed" days are becoming more frequent. We did go from two 75 mg pills a day to one pill a day but if I try to skip a day the pain comes raging back and it's all he can do to get through the day.

We see the vet again in early March and I guess we'll see if he gives us the go ahead to continue with the daily dose. (The potential side effects of the Rimadyl scare me to death but Durango has blood tests to monitor his progress and since he is nearly 12 1/2 years old I figure the pain relief outweighs the possible side effects?)

Has anyone else gone through this? What have you done for your arthritic senior dog?

Meanwhile, in the back yard, I've taken antlers from the shed pile and strategically placed them over Lucky's racetrack she's pounded into the ground. While the antlers do look as though alien creatures have taken over the yard, they've also slowed down the destruction wrought by our energetic pup.

And lastly, while repairing what we thought was water damage to a corner of the house, Mr Sage discovered evidence of...................termites! In a fit of panic, we had a professional inspection, thorough extermination, and repair of the damaged area is now underway.

We're now snug as bugs ourselves, knowing our home is safe from those wretched insects.

2017 has indeed come in with a bang.....and we're doing our best to hang in there.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

rainy day


My favorite kind of day.

A pot of chili on the stove. Downton Abbey marathon on tv. Dogs to curl up with. (Well, the dogs will eventually take over the couch but that's another story.)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Mr Sage and the magical metal detector

Mr Sage has taken to wandering the mesa with his metal detector. He finds wonderful treasures, bits of history, and strange metal things that make us wonder about the people who, long ago, made this place their home.
He has dug up coins, silver spoons, old bullets and even an antique pocket watch. We've found caches of tin cans and bottles from the 1920's and 1930's. We've found old homesteads, sheep camps, and everything in between.

While he wanders, metal detector in hand, I wander with the dogs. I sometimes feel like a shepherdess when I hear the dogs' bells jingling as we walk.
And I also find amazing things, usually under trees near the places Mr Sage explores.

Last trip to the mesa, I found the old license plate,  bottles, and a tin canister. I scared up an owl and found nearly 40 to 50 pellets under his tree! (Of course, I took a few choice pellets home for further inspection and dissection.)
Oh! I also came across, high on the mesa, near a small pile of rocks, a rusted band-aid tin with a mining claim dated May 1959 tucked inside!  The dreams those people must have had! The lives they must have lived!

I sometimes feel we are the last ones to walk this mesa. We've become the keepers of its secrets, the explorers of its forgotten roads.

But mostly, we find peace. We become lost in Nature, lost in the history of the mesa, lost in the lonely place that stole our hearts. And we happily leave a little more of ourselves behind every time we drive away.

Monday, November 28, 2016

we belong


Isn't it strange how we find a place....a place we wander and explore and listen to and learn from and somehow we decide it's our place. It belongs to us. And then, one day, after years of wandering and believing it is ours, we realize that we belong to that place.

We belong to the sun and the moon and the long dirt roads. We belong to the sage and the storms and the treasures we find.

We belong to the place where the earth meets the sky.

Bless our furry, red-bandana'ed hearts, we belong.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

sage clan unplugged

Sometimes, the Sage clan just has to unplug.

So we unplugged, literally, and went to our mesa.

There was no cell phone reception. (I love that.) There was no wifi. There was nothing there but what was meant to be there.  

Never mind that Lucky went into full-blown heat two days before we left. Never mind that there was a fire on my mountain. Never mind that my new Merrell Siren Sport hiking shoes blew out after just fourteen days, or that my water bottle opened inside my backpack, and my pack was filled with water.

We explored a new dirt road and a new corner of the mesa. We found pieces of the mesa's history. We watched the sun go down and the stars come out. And we became a part of that mesa....till nothing else mattered but sky and stardust and sand and sage.

I am having a hard time plugging back in. While I try to figure it out, I give you....the mesa.